Saturday, 13 October 2012

Toymaker Thursday - Brownie Meeting Plan

Welcome - introduce new members (if any).

Active Game - Hunt the Elephant (circle dodgeball)

You need one or two large soft footballs.  Half the girls make a large circle standing arms length from each other, the rest stand inside the circle. The ball must be thrown by the girls in the circle so that it hits the girls inside the circle below the knee. When a girl inside the circle is hit she is out and joins the circle in trying to get the rest out. 

Badge Work - Toymaker.

The three toys that we chose to make were:
  1. A board game or jigsaw to share with your Six - we used old greetings cards cut into jigsaw-shaped pieces.
  2. A toy that might help a younger child practise doing up buttons, using zips, tying bows and other skills - punch holes into a thick piece of card and attach coloured string or shoe laces to the card.  This can then be threaded through the holes and tied in a bow.  Also, attach buttons to the card - small pieces of fabric with slits cut into them can be buttoned onto the card.  
  3. Another toy of your choice - we made a mobile with cut out and coloured in circus animals as the dangly-down bits.  The top of the mobile was made out of funky foam in the style of a carousel-top.
Active Game - Sleeping Lions
Everyone spreads out around the room and then lies down on the floor. One girl has to make any of the "lions" move, laugh, or make any kind of sound WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM. Then the girl who has moved is out and she joins in and tries to wake the others up. The game then continues until everyone is awake or until the last sleeper is declared the winner. 

Alice The Camel (again!)
Baby Bumblebee

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