Monday, 29 October 2012

Brownie (and life!) Skills - Brownie Meeting Plan

Welcome - introduce new members (if any).

Active Game - Fish, Chips & Peas!

The Brownies all stand in a line behind one in the centre of the room another facing the game leader.
 This line symbolises "peas". The right hand side of the room is the "fish" area and the left hand side of the room is the "chips" area.
The leader shouts out either "fish", "chips"or "peas" and the Brownies have to run to (or stay in!) the correct area of the room.  The last one in the correct area is out and play continues until there is 1 winner

Badge Work - Brownie Skills
The 5 tasks we chose were:-
  1. Show that you can address an envelope correctly.  Explain to the tester why postcodes are important.  The Brownies designed a postcard and addressed it to their home address, including the postcode.  We pointed out the importance of the house number/name and the postcode and that they only relate to the house intended.
  2. Help at an event where you have to collect money and give change.  We had a "mock shop" where the Brownies "sold" items to each other using toy money and notes, making sure the totals were correct and the change given (if any due!) was also correct.
  3. Show how to read a simple map.  We looked at a simple map of our town and found places of interest, for example, school, church, library, etc.  The Brownies worked out how to get there from our meeting place.
  4. Show how you would pack a bag for a weekend away from home.  Earlier in the year we had a Brownie sleepover and so discussed with the Brownies what they would need for a sleepover and why.
  5. Know how to keep yourself safe at home, in the town and in the country.  We discussed simple road safety, where to go in the town if you get lost, the importance of not going anywhere alone and kitchen safety in the home.
Active Game -Beans
Girls run around when you shout the name of a bean they carry out action, last to do so is out.

Baked bean - lie flat on floor
Broad bean - stand like a star fish
Runner bean - run on spot
Jelly bean - shake like jelly
Jumping bean - jump up and down
Butter bean - roll up like a ball on floor
French bean - can can
Dwaf bean - go on knees
Hello, my name is Joe

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