Thursday, 4 October 2012

Count On Me... Brownie Meeting Plan

Welcome - introduce new members (if any).

Active Game - Shops

Tell Brownies that each corner of the room is a shop, e.g. Butchers, Bakers, Greengrocers, Florist.  You call out items and the Brownies run to the correct shop.

Start with easy items like sausages, potatoes, bread, etc... Then introduce things like artichokes, tripe, Eccles cakes - catch them all out. Between you, you will think of loads. Sixers/Young Leaders may need to help the younger Brownies.

Badge Work - Number Fun.
The 5 tasks we chose were:-
  1. Make a birthday or address book.  Use it to record at least 10 people's details.  Make or buy small notepads and decorate the front cover.  Interview other Brownies and add their details to the book.
  2. Plan a simple meal.  Work out how much it would cost to buy the ingredients.  We asked the Brownies to choose their favourite meal, wrote a shopping list and then took them to the local supermarket (only 5 minutes away on foot!) and found the prices of the items they would need to make the meal.
  3. Imagine you have £500 to redesign your bedroom. Find out what kind of things you could buy and make a list to show how you would use the money.  The Brownies are given a selection of catalogues (Argos, Ikea, etc.) and a large piece of paper.  They can cut out items from the catalogues and stick onto the paper, keeping track of how much they have "spent".  This could be done individually or working as a Six.
  4. Make up a number code. Use it to pass on a secret message.  We used the simple number code A=1, B=2, C=3, etc... to write secret messages from one six to another.
  5. Help at an event where you have to collect money and give change.  Some Brownies had already previously helped at fundraising events but we held a mock "stall" with items from the Brownie cupboard to cover this point for the other Brownies.
Active Game - In the Pond, On the Bank
Brownies stand around a large circle drawn with chalk.  When the leader of the game says "in the pond" the Brownies will jump inside the circle. When the leader says "on the bank", they have to jump out.  After repeating the same few times, the game leader will unexpectedly repeat "in the pond" or "on the bank" twice.  Or say "on the pond" or "in the bank".  The careless will be trapped and they go out.  The game goes on as long as you like!

Alice The Camel
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