Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Guiding never changes....

After a recent return to Guiding, I have been going through old boxes to find previous activity packs, songs, etc. to reuse and revamp for the girls of today!  But to be honest, I've found that I haven't had to make any changes to the activities!

The old games and songs are still the best!  The only major updates have been to the badge work... these have been upgraded considerably with Designer and Healthy Heart to name just 2 new badges!  The old favourites are still there... Writer, Booklover, etc...

Also, I came across a notepad with a passage of writing as the front cover... and all Guider's can relate to this, I'm sure!

You know you are a Guider if....

Most of your wardrobe is navy blue
You wash and save yoghurt pots
You cringe at a family picnic when someone "walks on the table"
You forget and put your hand in the air to quieten everyone down at a non-Guiding event
All your cupboards are full of craft stuff
You save all your Christmas cards
You spontaneously break into strange songs in public
You have a collection of used candles
You know how the Union Flag is made up
You've heard the phrase, "it's only an hour a week!"

I'm currently posting our weekly programmes on my blog to help keep track of what we have done and also as a resource for anyone else who wants to utilise the knowledge that I can share.

Volunteers are needed and welcomed in all areas of the UK, so if you have a bit of spare time, register your interest here and join in the fun!

I volunteer because I loved being a Brownie, Guide, Ranger and Young Leader and so now it's time that I can give something back to help the Association continue with it's good work!