Monday, 15 October 2012

Fudgeridoo Homemade Fudge Review

There's just one word to sum up Fudgeridoo's Fudge... YUM!  We had the great opportunity to sample two flavours of their fabulous fudge... Raspberry Lemonade & Dime Bar Fudge.

Raspberry Lemonade Fudge
The Raspberry Lemonade flavour has a fantastic flavour with a bit of a fizz!  The tangy and sweet flavours perfectly compliment each other.  It's perfect just to eat but I also chilled it in the fridge and then cut into small chunks to sprinkle on top of butter-iced cupcakes.  Top with a single raspberry for a delicious snack!

Dime Bar Fudge

And as for the Dime Bar fudge... the clue is in the name - and who doesn't like Dime Bars!?!?   The fudge is delightfully creamy with chunks of Dime Bar... and not just one measley piece either!  Perfect to eat as a treat with a cup of coffe or hot chocolate on a cold Autumn evening... well, any evening really!

In total, Fudgeridoo have over 30 flavours of fudge, including but not limited to Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, (breathe...) Caramel Rum and Raisin, Mint Crisp, Orange and Chocolate Swirl, Banana and Chocolate Swirl, Blue Banana, (breathe again...) Rolo, Dime Bar, Toblerone, Malteser Cheesecake, Maple, (another breath...) Walnut, Millionaires Fudge, Tutti Frutti, Candy Floss, Bara Brith, Baileys Cheesecake, Girls Night In, 50 shades of Grey Vanilla, Lemon Meringue, (nearly there...) Star Bar, Toffee Popcorn, Nutella, Raspberry Lemonade, Chocolate Junkyard, Welsh Gold Dust, Amaretto and Chocolate Swirl & Whiskey and Pecan Pie.  With such a selection, you'll be spoilt for choice - I know that I certainly am! 

The fudge is sold in 100g bars at £2.25 per bar... and the good news is that when you buy any 3 bars, you get a fourth one free!  So that's 4 great tasting treats for only £6.75!  For postage charges, please see the Facebook page or contact them direct by phone.

Keep your eye on Fudgeridoo's Facebook page here - there are 2 competitions currently running from the page, so keep liking and sharing the Fudgeridoo love!

You can buy the fudge instore, if you happen to be in my corner of Wales, or over the phone on 01341 280133.  They are currently developing their website (keep checking here) to make purchasing the fantastic fudge even easier!  However, until the website is up and running, it's just another excuse to plan a trip to the seaside!

Fudgeridoo also stock quirky and fun gifts including wooden signs, Kimmi products, Russian dolls and Jelly Belly jelly beans.  Again, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updated stock and special offers!

Anyway, I'm off to dream about more Fudgeridoo flavours...... night!