Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Get Out, Call Us Out, Stay Out" - Brownie Meeting Plan

Welcome - introduce new members (if any). 

Badge Work - Fire Safety.

We are very lucky in our pack that we have contact with 2 fire fighters - one is a parent and the other is a parent and husband of one of our leaders.

One of the fire fighters came to one of our pack meeting and went through each point of the badge with the Brownies.

We followed the theory part of the badge by then designing a fire safety poster, using any part of the talk which the girls were able to interpret into a poster.

Quiet Game - The Queen's Jewels
The Brownies sit in a circle with one Brownie (blindfolded) on a chair in the centre of the circle - she is the Queen.  Place a string of beads, necklace or similar underneath the chair.
One Brownie (the thief) is chosen from the circle by the game leader (point, don't say their name) who then has to walk as quietly as they can around the edge of the circle until they get back to their place then enter the circle and steal the Queen's jewels.  The Brownie on the chair has to listen and point to where they hear a noise to catch the Jewel thief.  They get 3 attempts at catching the thief.

The successful thief, not being caught by the Queen, takes the place of the Queen and play continues.  If the Queen catches the thief, they get another go on the chair.