Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rain stops play....

Well, today was supposed to be the annual "summer" sports day for my children at primary school - however someone "upstairs" had other ideas as the weather had been fine (dare I say perfect!) for sports yesterday and this morning up until approximately 5 minutes to 9 and the heavens opened!
The event will be held another day... however the refreshments stall needed to lose a lot of cakes and quickly!

Yesterday's efforts of baking 125 cakes and goodies did not go to waste however, as the parents couldn't resist an impromptu cake sale in the school hall!  After all, who can resist a cupcake, especially on a rainy miserable day!  Anything to cheer you up!

I usually bake with block or soft Stork margarine but when shopping for ingredients I noticed on the shelf "liquid Stork".... hhhmmmmm can it be as good as conventional margarine for baking?  Well, the result, in my opinion was great!
It was really, really easy to mix and, as when baking all your ingredients should be at room temperature before you start, forgetting to take the margarine/butter out of the fridge is not a problem because the Stork is in liquid form it is ready to use straight from the fridge.  That is a confession of mine, I always forget to take the fat out of the fridge in advance!

I usually follow a whipped sponge recipe but the handy recipe on the bottle used an all-in-one method so that's the method I used... and the result was a very light and fluffy cake equivalent to the slightly more lengthy method of whipped sponge.  So, a quicker method with the same results gets the thumbs up from me!

So, I hope all of the parents enjoyed their cakes today and as we still have the official sports day to come, we will have "Round 2" of the cake eating competition soon!  Local parents can comment below on the "taste score" of the cakes using Stork liquid!

Bye for now!!!