Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nestle Honey Cheerios Review

At the end of last week we were sent some Nestle Honey Cheerios to review.  Now, I know you all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - begin with a good healthy meal inside you and your day will be off to a great start! 

I'm quite lucky as my son is a great eater but often it is "hit and miss" as to what my daughter wants to eat for breakfast in the morning... until we tried the Honey Cheerios that is.  They were loved by both of my children and from a parent's perspective they are great as a healthy breakfast with out having to add any sugar.  The sweetness is there from the honey; but they are not too sweet as the flavour of the honey really comes through.

A 30g serving with milk contains over a quarter of the recommended intake of the main vitamins and minerals and, at over 63% wholegrain, makes a very healthy breakfast indeed!

With just an 11 o'clock fruit snack- my children weren't hungry again until lunchtime which shows how filling and satisfying the cereals are.  I would highly recomend the cereals for not just families, but also households without children.  They also double up as a great midnight supper snack... who said midnight feasts are just for kids?!?!  Sometimes I just love a bowl of cereal before bed - my husband's wisecrack everytime... "are you eating your cereal now in case you get up late in the morning?!"

An extra bonus is to collect the Box Tops for Books vouchers to enable your local school to get free DK books; another great addition to your children's day at school - healthy breakfast and free books!

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Anyway, off to see what delights are in store for me this evening.... speak soon!