Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Review

I don't know about anyone else, but my dishwasher gets used at least twice a day - sometimes more when entertaining, and speed is often essential to the process!
I've tried various dishwasher tablets/gels etc. and none have provided a good clean on a quick wash cycle.  Until Fairy Platinum tablets made an appearance that is!  A normal cycle on my dishwasher is 132 minutes(!) but with a quick wash - that is reduced to just 30 minutes, but I have found that the clean-quality of the dishes is nowhere near as good on the quick wash cycle.

When I recieved the samples of the Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets, my first thoughts were, "I hope these work on a quick wash as my washing-up life will be soooo much easier" and the answer is "Yes!  The tablets DO work on a quick wash cycle!"  Thank goodness, at last a tablet that is time-saving and super cleaning!

I tested the tablets to the max - all the oven trays from a Jubilee Party - DONE!


The marks on the small tray are through over-use, not leftover food debris!

My husband's "unwashed-for-a-week" tin cup from his week at the TT Races  - DONE!

And, to top it off, these tablets actually clean your dishwasher and filter for you whilst doing their Fairy magic!  They also smell lovely - not a musty smell in sight, just lemon fresh scents which keeps your dishwasher smelling fresh too!  The pictures below show that Fairy Platinum helps to remove even hidden grease from your dishwasher whilst cleaning your dishes!

My daughter asked why they are called Fairy tablets as they don't have a wand or wings.. but believe me, the magic that they do work makes them worthy of "Fairy" status to me!

In the welcome pack, I also received 8 Annabel Karmel recipe booklets and money-off coupons (£3) to use when purchasing Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets.  So to spread the joy, the first 8 people (UK only please) to "like" and post on the wall of Katie Cupcake Cymru on Facebook mentioning Fairy Platinum Tablets will recieve one booklet courtesey of Fairy Platinum, Annabel Karmel & me - Katie Cupcake Cymru!