Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Post #1: Christmas Craft - Santa Hat Ornament

Santa Hat Ornament

Decorate a red party hat or make your own smaller version to create this jolly ornament.

What you'll need:
Red party hat or red craft paper, glue, tan craft paper, scissors, black and red markers, white pom-poms, yellow paper, ribbon

Make it:

1. Remove string from party hat or form red craft paper into a cone and glue to secure.

2. Cut a 2" to 4" circle (depending on size of cone) from tan paper; draw eyes and cheeks on circle. Cut 2 ear shapes and glue to back of circle. Glue to middle of cone.

3. Glue white pom-poms at the top point of the cone, around the cone above the face, and as Santa's beard.

4. Colour a black band around the bottom as the belt. Cut a small rectangular shape from yellow paper and glue to the centre of the belt as a buckle.

5. Glue ribbon hanger to top of hat.


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