Saturday, 14 December 2013

Advent Post #14: Bean & Brush Family Art Cafe Review

Whilst visiting family over the weekend, we paid a visit to a great café near to my brother's house in Sale, Cheshire. Bean & Brush Family Art Café is a great place to meet, eat and make! Downstairs, there's a fantastic café offering a superb range of delights; from hot and cold drinks to tasty dishes with many items and ingredients locally sourced. (Their cupcakes and scones are fantastic!)
And then the beauty lies upstairs where there's a huge selection of pots and decopatch items ready for you to transform with your artistic talents (great AND small!). After much deliberation and decision-making, we decided upon our items to be painted. We settled on a cute gingerbread man plate, super-fast sports car and a little Welsh dragon - although I'm pretty sure the dragon may have been English, but it's Welsh now because it's home will be with me!

The space is well used and there are plenty of staff on hand to offer help if needed, but they do let you just get on with it if you want to. There's a great selection of paints to choose from with lots and LOTS of brushes; from really really fine to sponge and foam stamps in many different shapes.
Items start at just £5 so it's not too expensive to return to on a regular basis as a monthly treat, for example. They also hold children's parties - in fact, there was a party being held whilst we were there and it looked like all the children were having a great time and were well-supervised.
As a side note, even though there were definitely more children than adults in the craft area (and probably the whole place) it wasn't overly noisy. The overall ambiance of Bean & Brush is very family-friendly, so because the parents are relaxed about  the children walking around and making happy 'children-noise', the atmosphere was definitely stress-free!
My only (very slightly!) negative point with the whole experience is something which is completely out of Bean & Brush's control - my indecisive mind! There's that many items to choose from, it took me ages to decide what to paint! But once I had finally decided, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole morning and so did the other 10 people who were in my family group painting as well!
We have to wait a week or so for the pots to be fired and so once they are ready, I'll update this review with the finished items.
I think on our next visit we will try decopatch - described as painting with paper, we can't wait!