Friday, 13 December 2013

Advent Post #13: Christmas Card Craft!

Am I the only one who saves the Christmas cards each to make 'something' with? Then 10 months later find them and wonder what on earth I am going to do with them (other than let the kids make their own gift tags!). Well, here's a lovely craft activity that children would be able to manage but will need a bit of guidance from an adult.

Here's a link to the full instructions, but our own overview is shown below!
  • Cut 20 circles from any scrap card or thick cartridge paper. The circles must all be the same size; we used a mug to draw around or you can download the template from the link above.

  • On the back (plain) side of each circle, lightly draw a triangle that touches the perimeter of the circle at each corner. Cut a small notch into the circle at each corner of the triangle.
  • With a ruler and blunt knife, score along the points between the corner of each notch. With the card now picture-side facing up, bend each semi-circle edge upwards along each fold.
  • Now staple the circles together to form a 3D bauble shape. For us, this was a moment of trial and error and if I'm honest, we did undo a couple a re-do them! The easiest way to do this is to firstly staple 5 circles together in a flower shape and then add to these visualising a larger 3D bauble! You know that you have 20 circles, so just carry on until they all fit together properly! (This may be of NO help to some of you, but that's how we worked it out ourselves!).
  • Then, voila! You have it; a home made large bauble to hang on your tree (if it's big enough to hold larger then life baubles!) or to hang in your window - which is where ours are living at the moment!