Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent Post #2: Christmas Gift Ideas - Bellucci Chocolate from Turin

With Christmas now just literally around the corner, it's a present-buying frenzy in most households (mine, anyway!).

Some people are really easy to buy for because anything suits and some gifts seem to jump off the shelf towards you when you realise they are perfect for a particular family member. But... there's always the time when you're really stuck and you feel like a box of chocolates are a bit of a cop-out as a gift!

Well, let me introduce Bellucci Chocolate to you all! Bellucci Chocolate is a new brand of speciality chocolates from Turin in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. With the 'Tonda Gentile delle Langhe' hazelnut at it's heart, the brand showcases traditional glanduiotti, cremini and other gianduja products; a rich velvet smooth hazelnut praline that melts as it touches the tongue.

The 'Bella' selection boxes contain a combination of praline, nougat and traditional chocolates. And great news for those who have a dairy and/or gluten free diet - the traditional gianduiotti are gluten-free AND dairy-free! So when the box of chocolates get passed around, you'll be able to say 'Yes please!' instead of looking on longingly, wishing for some chocolate!

We were sent a sample of each chocolate that goes into the Bella Box Grande. Let me tell you that you needn't be sheepish about buying these chocolates as a gift for a loved one! They look exquisite and almost too good to eat! But don't let that hold you back! They are absolutely delicious and taste as good as they look. The flavours are subtle but classically beautiful, in fact I don't think I'd want to share them with anyone!

Have a look around their website here or pop over to their Facebook page here. You won't be disappointed with their range of gift ideas! With next day delivery available, you've no excuse for running out of time this December (subject to courier/Royal Mail restrictions, that is!).

I'm off to enjoy some more luxurious chocolates!

This blog post was written after receiving a sample selection box of chocolates from Bellucci Chocolate.