Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Change one thing....

With the first of January looming, it's the time for New Year's Resolutions! For many people (me included!), we make a great start and then we're lucky if by the 31st of January, we're still on track!

Image via http://bit.ly/16jAEUr

Well, this year, I'm taking a different approach. Change, improve or add one thing to your life every couple of days throughout January and you *should* find it easier to stick to your resolution as the change has been a gradual one. Again, for many people 'to lead a healthier lifestyle' is a common resolution to make so for the first two weeks of January, I'll be posting each day with something that I have promised to do. Sometimes it will be really easy to achieve, sometimes a bit more will-power will be needed, but none (I hope) will be an impossibility!

So, here goes and I hope you will join me!  Don't forget to share with your friends and keep me updated with your progress as I keep you updated with mine!