Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pea & bacon quiche - Recommended Recipe!

Pea & Bacon Quiche - serves about 6, takes 25 minutes to make, plus 15 minutes to chill and 50-55 minutes to cook.

For the pastry
225g plain flour
115g baking margarine or butter, cold and cut into small pieces
1 free range egg yolk
2-2 ½ tbsp water

For the filling
250g unsmoked back bacon, chopped into bitesized pieces
2 tsp olive oil
3 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced
1 quantity of pea puree (recipe here)
3 free range eggs
100ml semi-skimmed milk (or cream)
80g fresh or frozen peas (shelled weight)
1 tbsp fresh mint leaves or basil, finely chopped (optional)
25g Parmesan, finely grated


  1. Preheat the oven to 180oC/Gas 4. Grease a 20cm round tart tin. Put the flour into a bowl and rub the margarine into it to make fine breadcrumbs. Add the egg yolk and water and bring together to form a dough.
  2. Roll out the pastry and use to line the tin. Prick the base with a fork and chill for 15 mins. Cover with baking paper and baking beans or rice and bake blind for 10 mins. Meanwhile, put the bacon on a tray and cook in the oven for 15mins. Remove the paper and beans and bake for 5 more mins.
  3. Heat the oil in a pan and soften the onions for a few minutes. Put the pea puree into a bowl, add the onions, eggs and milk, and mix together.
  4. Spoon into the tin, scatter over the bacon, peas and mint or basil, if using, and sprinkle the cheese over the top. Bake for 20-25 mins until golden.

Per serving: 470 kcal, 29.6g fat, 11.0g saturated fat, 2.4g sugar, 1.8g salt.

Source: the Co-operative instore magazine.