Thursday, 19 September 2013

Multiple Sclerosis... affects more people than you realise!

MS - the mostly 'hidden' condition. I've been planning on writing a post about MS for a while, but just thought I'd squeeze this one in on behalf of my lovely friend.

She's an MS manager (not sufferer!) and leads a pretty normal life - well, as normal a life as a working Mum has anyway! She is slightly mad though, as this Saturday she's completing a sky-dive to fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis Society. They have been a lifeline for her throughout her journey and no doubt are a great help to others and their families too!

She's over half way to her target so if you feel that you can spare a couple of pounds or pennies to help her on her way, please support her crazy adventure here!

I'll do a full post soon as there are a few people that I know with the condition - from all walks of life so it shows that anyone could become a sufferer!

My closing line to you: DIG DEEP!!! (and good luck Linda!) xx

PS... I did forget to mention that Linda is afraid of heights!! This just proves my theory that she IS crazy!