Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to School - Smart Restart with Change4Life!

September's the perfect time to make a new start!

The school year is just beginning. Make it a great start with Change4Life's new back to school booster - Smart Restart!
All you need to do is choose one healthy change - like swapping some of your kids' treats for healthier alternatives. Or some of your car or bus journeys for walking, cycling or scooting - and you'll get offers, discounts and lots of support with our free app, emails and texts.

Every parent wants their kids to get the most out of the year ahead, but did you know that even simple changes can make a huge difference to the way kids feel, behave and learn in school?

Just choose one healthy change, and get started today! For example, stretch your legs, 10 minute moves, screen-time switches, beat the treats and super lunches! You can sign up here.

The Smart Restart app is a great, FREE tool, full of fun ideas and support - to help your healthy change, become a healthy habit:
  • Five brilliant tools, packed full of ideas, games and inspiration to get the kids moving more and eating more healthily.
  • Weekly action lists to help you form healthier habits over six weeks.
  • A progress wall so you can see how well you're doing.
Download the app here.

Why not catch up with others on the Change4Life Facebook page? It's a great place to share your experiences and find lots of inspirational ideas and advice from families just like yours!