Monday, 24 June 2013

Saying 'Thank You' & 'Well Done'!

So often, we forget to thank people for doing things - big & small!  But more often, we don't give each other a pat on the back when credit's due.  Now I may be 32, married with 2 kids but I still beam a little inside when someone congratulates me on a job well done!  After a quite tough few weeks with a new job, keeping my existing job as a self-employed B&B owner, still being a mum and being a wife(!) it was nice to receive a 'thank you and well done' email from a client regarding a Facebook campaign that I was heavily involved with over the weekend :)

Image via stevendepolo on flickr
So here's a 'thank you and well done' to you all too!  Whatever you have achieved over the weekend, well done!  Even if it's just getting through the weekend without yelling at one of your *lovely* kids.... you made it! 

And don't forget to give someone else a pat on the back too... we all need a little boost sometimes!