Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Glitter Tree Princess Tattoo Party Pack Review

The Glitter Tree is the UK's number 1 supplier of temporary body art including glitter tattoo kits, stencils, glitter powders and accessories.We had the great opportunity of being able to review one of their party packs - my daughter was thrilled to receive the Princess Glitter Tattoo Pack. 

In the pack, you receive a variety of themed tattoo stencils and 6 glitter pots, along with 2 brushes, skin-friendly glue and skin wipes to clean the skin before applying the tattoo.  These packs are definitely big enough to use at a children's party or friends sleepover (this was the scenario in our case!)

They are extremely simple to use - my daughter (aged 8) did the one on my arm and enjoyed telling me to "sit still", "don't move", etc, etc....!  The instructions are simple to follow and not much scope for "user-error" so I would definitely recommend them!

We only attempted 1 colour tattoos but you can stencil in different colours - whatever takes your fancy :)

The tattoo stencils are single use but are soooo cheap to buy from their website (prices from just 15p) you really can't go wrong.  We still have some stencils left and will be adding to them to use over the Easter holidays to while away any wet days that we have - and being in the good old UK, I can guarantee there will be at least a couple!

A good point to make about the stencils is that they are skin/hair friendly(!)  My daughter started to grimace as I began to remove the sticker stencil and was surprised when it didn't hurt (imagine ripping off an Elastoplast, well it's the complete opposite - no pain!)  And don't forget - with the glitter, a little goes a long LONG way!

Also, they are water-friendly in that we all had a shower or bath that evening and the glitter tattoos stayed put :)  The next bath time they were cleaned off but not with a "scrub", more a firm rub!  So they will last a fair few days, keeping the Princesses (and Princes!) happy for longer!

So all in all, a great alternative idea at a tea party or birthday party.  Set the trend in your town and be the parent who all the children remember as "the one with the glitter tattoos"!

Have a look at their website here and keep in touch via their Facebook page here - plenty of great ideas and competitions to be won too!  So pop over and say "hello"! x