Monday, 4 March 2013

Chilli Papas Gurkha Curry Mix Review

Following a post on Facebook, we were lucky enough to be selected to review a new curry spice mix from Chilli Papas.

So let me introduce Chicken Gurkha Curry!  The spice mixes from Chilli Papas are really, really simple to use.  They look fantastic in the clear pouches and smell even better when opened!

For the gurkha curry, you need to add some ingredients (tomatoes, lemon juice, soya sauce and stock) and whichever meat you are using (if any) to the spice mix and marinade for up to 8 hours.

We marinated in the fridge for about 4 hours - this was enough to develop the flavours... but we could have left it longer and no harm would have been done!

Going in to the fridge to marinate....

Now for the taste test!  The resulting curry was wonderfully spiced and enjoyed by myself and hubby.  My two children aged 5 and 8 tried it too... it was a little too hot for them to eat a full serving but they didn't complain when dipping their naan bread into mine!  Homemade naan bread, might I add - my husband has been perfecting his recipe for weeks by using different recipes found online.  I'll post the link here when I've typed the latest edition up!

The only improvement I would make would be that the sauce was a little too thin for how I usually like my curries.  I would perhaps suggest a little less stock, to reduce the sauce by heating on a high heat at the end of the cooking time or to add a little cornflour starch to thicken at the end.  We thinned ours down slightly by reducing over a high heat.  The flavour was fantastic though and unlike any curry I have eaten before - homemade or takeaway/restaurant!

So, thumbs up from us!  Another idea would possibly be a milder version if possible... so all in all, I would recommend this spice mix to anyone who likes a bit of spice in their life :)