Friday, 1 March 2013

Almond Breeze Almond Milk Pear & Banana Smoothie

 Almond Breeze is a delicious alternative to dairy milk - perfect to drink on it's own, to pour over cereal, to use in coffee or other recipe ideas including smoothies!  In conjunction with Foodies100, Almond Breeze are challenging you to create a quick, easy and tasty breakfast smoothie for a chance to win a fantastic gourmet hotel stay for two people.

To find out more about Unsweetened Almond Breeze, visit their website hereThe unsweetened variant boasts 60 per cent fewer calories than even skimmed milk, as well being low in saturated fat and a good source of calcium, making it a really healthy – and delicious – way to start the day.

Here are my entries to the competition....

Pear and banana smoothie

1 banana
1 pear
200ml Almond Breeze almond milk

Simply blend the ingredients together in a liquidiser or with hand blender.  Serve chilled in a glass with an optional umbrella(!) to brighten your morning.

The riper the fruit the better... perfect for when the pears in the fruit bowl are really, REALLY juicy!

You can also freeze these smoothies in ice lolly moulds for a refreshing cooler later in the afternoon!

Now we just need weather to match now!

We also tried a delicious Strawberry & Kiwi Cheesecake flavour...

Blend 1 kiwi (peeled), about 3 strawberries, 1 tablespoon of low-fat soft cheese and 100ml Almond Milk in a liquidiser or with a hand blender.  Add a banana for extra flavour!

Pour into a chilled glass and sprinkle with a teaspoon of granola.

This recipe isn't dairy-free but delicious for anyone able to consume dairy :)