Thursday, 14 March 2013

Drumond Park "The Box of Shocks" Review & Competition

Get one step ahead ready for April Fool's Day!  "The Box of Shocks" from Drumond Park is a great collection of 13 tricks and surprises aimed at children aged 8 and above (rrp £19.99) - a definite must-have for tricksters of all ages.  Your child (or you!) will be at the top of the prankster league... but practice makes perfect!  So with the clear step by step instructions and helpful hints, you'll be taking everyone by surprise! 

Inside the box are different items for your child to perform different tricks to amaze and astound the audience (i.e. any unsuspecting Granny, Grandad, Auntie, etc...)!  I'm not going to give the game away with each item but they include "pop-tastic"potato snacks, a "spider-riffic" secret box and scorpion that comes to life!

My daughter (aged 8) has loved everything in this box, especially playing tricks on her younger brother and Dad.... I had had a sneaky look at the items before giving the pack to her so that I knew what to expect (bad Mother, I know!).  She even took one of the tricks to her karate lesson - let's just say the adult she tricked jumped to the ceiling when the punchline of the trick was delivered!  My son is only 5 years old but already a bit of a trickster and he enjoyed playing a trick or two on his Dad as well....!

She also liked the "Magic Card" trick and feels very important as it does require an element of thought and she thinks that she's the only one who knows the secret to its success!  My favourite is the potato chip had me in fits of giggles for ages!  The trick requiring some water and a quick reaction was also a hit in our house... although Dad thought he was going to end up wet - all part of the trick, my dear!

She can't wait until the Easter holidays when our annual family event takes place - everyone migrates to our house for a few days over Easter and this year the break includes my Mum's birthday too so definitely time for a celebration.... and more visitors for my daughter to catch out with her tricks!

This set is much more than a magic set... it combines some simple magic tricks with a fantastic element of surprise and once you get over the initial shock, the uncontrollable laughter starts...!

This is definitely something I would recommend for purchase to keep your older children entertained during the upcoming holidays... they can have a week to perfect their techniques ready for April Fool's Day (Monday 1st April).  But on the day, make sure you keep your wits about you and don't fall for any nice "surprises" from your children!

You can keep up to date with all new game developments from Drumond Park on their Facebook page here and you can also follow them on Twitter using the @drumondpark handle here.

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