Thursday, 28 March 2013

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK Review & Competition!

For anyone who knows me and my family personally will know that I spend most the spring and summer months with either itchy eyes and/or a bunged up nose!  And sadly, my daughter is also really REALLY sensitive to something allergen-wise; although we are still in the process of pinning down the culprit(!)

So, when we got the opportunity to review a drug-free, preventative method of controlling airborne allegens, such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites, I jumped at the chance!  Anything that can have the possiblility of working (and drug-free too) is worth a try in my book!

After 10 days of taking no antihistamines and using AllergieBLOCK I'm pleased to announce that my allergy symptoms have reduced greatly!  So let me introduce the wonder that is AllergieBLOCK!

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK is a clinically-proven, preventative, drug-free gel that blocks airborne allergens from entering the nose.  It can be used by anyone suffering from allergy symptoms incluing pet owners and hayfever sufferers and is suitable for children and pregnant women.  Although I'm not pregnant(!), this point is crucial for mums-to-be as hayfever and other allergies whilst pregnant and not able to take antihistamines can be a nightmare!

You just simply apply the clear gel around your nostrils when you wake and then every 4-6 hours throughout the day and again just before bedtime, also reapplying if nose or face gets wet.  And that's it!  But how does it work.... now for the physics lesson!

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK gel is slightly positively charged and airborne allergens are negatively charged so as you "sniff" the allergens in, they are attracted to the positive ions in the gel and do not enter your respiratory system and so do not provoke an allergic reaction, i.e. sneezes, runny nose, blocked nose, itchy eyes, etc....

Plus points...
  • Drug-free so suitable for all types of people, young & old.
  •  The gel is clear and can be worn under or over make-up.
  • Non-drowsy and does not interact with any other medicines.
  • Contains up to 150 applications per tube.
  • Convenient, lightweight & portable (perfectly handbag sized!)
  • None that I can think of!
Hayfever and other allergies can really affect peoples lives... especially students who are sitting quite often the most important exams of their school years in the month of June - at the height of the allergy season for most sufferers!  I would highly recommend NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK as a preventative treatment.  As well as relief during the day, it makes it easier to sleep at night so avoiding the excessive tiredness which can come with any allergy symptoms.

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK is now available in the UK at most Boots stores nationwide and online at, RRP £11.99.

And so we lead to the competition!  The lovely guys and gals at NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK have one pack of treatment available for one of you to win and see the results for yourself!  So, enter via Rafflecopter below & good luck!  

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