Friday, 21 September 2012

Witches & Butterflies! Brownie Meeting Plan

Welcome - introduce new members (if any).

Active Game - Witches
Equipment needed - 4/6 large hula hoops, 2 witches hats.
  1. Place the hula hoops around the room spaced well apart.  These are the "Glue Pots"!
  2. Choose two girls to be "witches".  They wear the witches hats to be easily spotted.
  3. The "witches" have to chase and catch the other girls - once caught, the girls are put into the "glue pots".
  4. Whilst in the "glue pots", the captured girls can lean out and catch passing girls who then become captured and "stuck" in the "glue".
  5. The chasing continues until they are just 2 girls running free - these then gain a point for their Six and take their turn at being the "witches".
Time-wise, this game can last as long or as short as you need it too... one tip - if the shrieking and screaming becomes too loud... play a couple of rounds in silence to give your ears a rest!

Craft Activity - Dangly Butterflies (Badge Ref. Artist)
You can find a link to this craft activity here.  We found it in a children's craft book originally (Usborne Big Book of Things to Make and Do) but since then, I came across the link so I've credited both!

This activity took longer than expected - we tried to keep it simple with just painting the butterflies, but this seemed to take the girls forever and we had to leave them until next week as they weren't dry by the end of the meeting!

The threading of the ribbon through the straws and attaching the beads was a bit tricky - the older Brownies managed and so then were able to help the younger ones - with lots of helpful praise of course!

In hindsight, controlling the amount of paint or maybe sticking to felt tipped pens would have been better for the time we had!

Active Game - Simon Says
Everyone knows how to play this - right?  Another game that can last as long as you have time for!

Ten in the Bed
Animal Fair

We didn't get round to singing the 2 songs planned as the craft activity ran over time!  But we will sing them next week - hopefully!

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