Saturday, 15 September 2012

"It's A Chicken" Game Review - Paul Lamond Games

This was a great game gladly received by our family to review from Paul Lamond Games.  It is suitable for ages 5 and over - great for our family as we can all join in!
The basis of the game is to draw pictures as directed by the card chosen from the draw pile (no pun intended!) - the first to guess the picture being drawn wins the round and gets the number of points as determined by the timer (clucking chicken, noisy egg timer!).  The cards very handily have 3 sections - a picture to copy for the younger players who cannot read, a medium-difficulty picture prompted by a word and a more tricky picture again prompted by a word.  A roll of the die determines the level of difficulty - however you can play to suit the age of the players.  We've played just using the pictures as a guide to copy... but also when bedtime came and play was reduced to Mums/Dads and Grandparents, we used the difficult pictures and still had great fun!

As a helping hand, the game sheets have circles ready printed on them as a base for starting the drawing - a great help for the younger players although some shapes had one or two of the parents flummoxed - funny how our minds work differently than the children's!

Here's examples of my son's artistic creations.... apologies for the expression on his face...he had had a long day at school!

He's only 5 so right at the lower age range for this game but really enjoyed the fact that he could join in with no adult help!  Complete gaming independence here we come!

I can see this game making an appearance at family dinners as a children's favourite... from an educational point of view, it's great to encourage and develop pencil control and reading skills but still having fun at the same time!

Just a side note... you need to buy batteries separately and there aren't any pencils in the box but the little wooden pencils from blue and yellow homeware's shop work great :)  A postive note, from a "thinking ahead" point of view, there are plenty of sheets of paper with the starter shapes on them, but also on the back of the instruction there are blank templates so that you can photocopy more when required...a never-ending supply of peace and quiet (broken every now and again by the clucking of a rather loud chicken!).

Paul Lamond games are available at Smyths Toys Superstores, online or instore.  Have a look at their range of games - there's something for everyone this Christmas!