Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday Afternoon Positive Thinking!

After a busy summer business-wise, September is always a strange month of mixed feelings.... birthday happiness, work fatigue and pre-holiday excitement!  But one thing's for sure, I need a "positive thinking" boost with the back to college/school and after school activities.... my children started to train at the local Dojo a couple of months ago and today I came across the packaging for their Gi's.  Don't ask me why I kept the plastic packaging... there must have been a reason and today I *think* I know what it was!

I picked up the bag and was about to file it in the B1N (my Mum's code for bin!) when I started to read the wording on the bag.....

Too weak?
Too tired?
To busy?
Have an old injury?
Stop dreaming of what you could have been.
Stop telling the same old stories, because it changes nothing!
Get up.
Get out.
Sell your TV.
Stop being pushed about!
Stop listening to people who say you will never make it!
And be somebody!
It's your life.
Only you can say "you can't"
And you don't have to listen!

Wording courtesey of Blitz Sport.

Each of the above sentences make real sense to me so I thought I would share with you too!  OK, scrap the "Sell your TV" line... I don't think I would manage without the welcome distaction of X Factor on the weekends (sorry, my weakness - bad, I know!!).

We all have hard times sometimes and are close to giving up but perserverance does pay off!  It can also apply to more than sport - I am in my third year of learning Welsh and, at times, think I have spent an awful lot of time learning and I still couldn't hold an impromptu conversation with a stranger in the street!  But then I look at how much I DO know and the smile is back on my face!

My children have both struggled with confidence issues and the karate training is helping them to become more confident (sometimes too much!).  I'm proud of what they have achieved so far and hope that they will have a good sporting career (amateur at least!).

I'm also really proud of my husband who has just registered as an Open University student to study for a BA(Hons) degree based around language subjects, primarily Spanish.  He won't mind me telling you that he suffers from dyslexia and as an adult dyslexic who had very little support whilst at school, this is a huge step for him. 

So with me learning Welsh and my OH learning Spanish, we will be more than prepared for one of my goals in life - to travel to Patagonia in South America... Welsh and Spanish are the two languages used in this part of Argentina!  It will be a few more years yet but we've got the time to wait!

So anyway, the moral of today's post is, whatever it is, go for it!  It is better to have tried and failed and started again than to have not tried at all!

What or who are you proud of?  Share if you can and we can give each other a pat on the back!