Saturday, 8 September 2012

Paul Lamond Games "QI" Board Game Review

We're a family who loves board games - for as long as I can remember, every family get-together resulted in my Nana's Trivial Pursuit being taken out of the cupboard and the epic game-playing began!  Every Christmas was marked by a party, with "bring a bottle and a board game" one of the pre-requisites.... it's still etched in my brain that my cousin was terrified of the masks worn in the "Doh Nutters" game!  Anyway, I digress...

Paul Lamond Games kindly sent us the board game "QI" - quite obviously based on the successful but very difficult BBC quiz programme of the same name!

Based on the hardest panel game in the world, the QI board game is based on the same philosophy that everything in the world is quite interesting, providing you look at at in the right way.  If you're a big fan of QI, this board game is designed just for you.  Even if you have never watched QI, you can still play the game as it's play content is not linked to the show.

The game play is based around a board with coloured and numbered squares - advancing with correct answers and possibly taking massive jumps back with incorrect answers (I am the voice of experience on this one!)  But, the twist is that the player that reaches the highest or LOWEST score on the board wins!  There is hope for me yet!
At first, the rules seemed quite complicated - with klaxons, challenges and 3 dice to contend with - but once we had had a go each, it was easy to play.  The questions are on a wide variety of subjects and are randomly chosen by throwing the 3 dice and by the colour of the square that you land on.... thousands of combinations possible.  We must be a really special family as myself and my husband both rolled on our turn and ended up with the same question..... what were the chances of that!  Having an accountant and statistician around the table, we did try to work it out, but gave up fairly quickly!

We played with 4 adult players and the game seemed to end quite quickly, so a larger board or longer game option would be constructive criticism.... but then you can always play it again as the questions would be more than likely different!  I think after a few glasses of wine, the logic behind the answers would definitely be questionable!

This game is for 3 - 6 players and suitable for ages 12 years to Adult. It's available from all good board game shops, such as Amazon.

Paul Lamond Games make a great range of games for all ages and occasions - pop over to their Facebook page here and keep upto date with new products and reviews from other bloggers.

This will definitely be a well-used game making an appearance post-dinner at our future family gatherings!  Look out for their other games....