Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day One...

Well, here goes!  I've been interested in blogging for a while but was undecided about what to write about.  Then, over the weekend whilst chatting to my friend - it struck me!  Food, glorious food!  I love to cook but sometimes see it is a necessity - after all, we all need to eat.  I try to make it fun and engage my children in the "safe" side of the preparation and cooking whilst teaching them about a healthy balanced diet.

I love to experiment with flavours.  Sometimes the outcome isn't quite what I expected but so long as I learn by my experimental "mistakes" that's fine!

I enjoy cooking in general but my passion is for baking; especially cupcakes.  I have my Mum to thank for this as my most frequent childhood memory is baking cakes on a Sunday with my Mum!  (The second memory that sticks in my mind is wasting a full tray of eggs trying to make meringues - but that's another story!)

I'm planning on blogging about once or twice a week as my home-life schedule is pretty hectic at times!  You'll get to see what I've been baking and/or cooking that week and learn a little about me and my family along the way.  There will be some competitions from time to time too, so spread the word and join in my virtual tea party!

The first picture that I want to share with you though, is the beautiful town where I live.... I wouldn't change this for the world!