Thursday, 24 May 2012

Millie the Space Dragon

Today I had a lovely surprise when I picked my daughter up from school.  She came proudly out of class clutching a book, "Look Mum, we wrote this book at school!".  And sure enough, the children from my daughter's class had written a chapter in the book about Millie the Space Dragon!

In their chapter, Millie has a bit of an accident with a flagpole and has to find a replacement... which ended up leaving the school with no electricity as she "borrowed" part of the wind turbine!  But in the end, all's well and Millie even manages a trip round the harbour in a fishing boat!

The children in my daughter's class at school are part of Project 21 - a project delivered by Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff.  Through the project, the children have had really good creative opportunities; from music workshops to metalwork and tapestry work with reputable artists including Cefyn Burgess.

The book will be something that we will treasure as it's not everyday you get your name in print!  My daughter and her classmates should be (and are!) extremely proud of what they have achieved up to now with the project and also with what's to come until their 21st birthday.  My daughter is now aspiring to be an author..... however last week she wanted to be a teacher and the week before a nurse - so let's see!

What made you smile today?  This certainly did .... but so did this when it popped up on my Facebook feed....