Saturday, 19 May 2012

Horrid Henry Monstrous Midnight Feast Kit... Gross!

Horrid Henry Monstrous Mignight Feast Kit... Gross!  Who's Henry you might ask?  Well, he's a delightful character on CITV.  To be honest, at first I thought I would detest the programme - a child called Horrid Henry who definitely lives up to his name... no thank you!  But, having sat through an episode, there is always a morale to the story and the the good guy always wins!

My son received this present for his birthday from one of our friends and was thoroughly excited when he unwrapped the paper.  It has a variety of different child-friendly and practical but equally gruesome kitchen moulds and cutters.  A Brilliant Brain jelly mould, Ghoulish Ghost cutter, Wormy Worm cheese stamper and a Bonkers Bat stencil/cutter.  Along with a Monstrous Morphing mug and Spooky Spider spoon, this is a great set for any fan of Horrid Henry.  The set is well made and safe to use for children, with no very sharp edges to the cutters. 

No prizes for guessing what we ate for dinner today... the main features were cheesy worms on toast (ghost shaped of course) and jellied brain for dessert! 

As all the component's are reusable, it's a great gift for anyone to keep and use time and time again.  My son can't wait for his first sleepover, where I'm sure this will make an appearance along with lots of gruesome things to eat!

You can read about re:creation toys here - a great brand of toys to suit all pockets, from 99p to £29.99.