Monday, 28 May 2012

The Olympic Flame!

Today was a day very unlikely to be repeated again for me in my lifetime!  The Olympic Flame passed through my nearby town so I seized the opportunity and took my children to see it!

We thought we had pushed our luck for time as I had to work until 10am (and then collect the children from school - with permission, of course!)... but as it happens the timing was just right!  We saw the floats and numerous police escorts which proceeded the torchbearers - the atmosphere was great. My daughter even got to sit on a Police bike while he took 5 minutes to chat to the waiting crowd!

And then we heard the cheers and along came the torchbearer and "her" flame!  It was a great sight and my children were excited to see it and learn about the history and what it symbolises. 

A quick walk back to the car and back to school/work for us!

Then, in the evening, an extra surpise as Sensei from the Dojo my children attend brought his Olympic torch to show all the karate students and talk to them about it.  Sensei had carried the torch through the town earlier in the day.  Numerous photographs were taken and it was a proud moment for him and the children.

 All in all a good day... and the sun is still shining for us :)

And last but not least... here's a cake picture for you!