Monday, 3 December 2012

Spin Mania Review & Giveaway - Drumond Park

Last week we were sent a great new game from Drumond Park - Spin Mania! The aim of the game is to spin three plates on top of three stands against the clock!
Using the motorised "Spinning Machine", you spin-up the three plates one at a time and then using your spin spike, transfer them, still spinning to the three separate stands.

Easy?  Well, it all depends on how tricky you want to make it! For the trial run (not against the clock in our case!) we practised just spinning and transferring the plates to the spin-spikes on a table top. My youngest is aged 5 (just below the recommended age of 6 years old) and he managed fine.

Then, to play the game properly, we had another go! Before the spinning starts, agree where the area of play should be, for example, just in the lounge, dining room or garden (if you're feeling brave in the cold weather). Before each player takes their turn, the other players secretly place the plate stands around the designated area. Try not to make it too difficult though! You can't actually hide a stand, but could place them in tricky places such as under a table or chair.

Then start the timer and go for it! Spin, transfer, find and place the plate on the stand - after the third and final plate, stop the timer and mark the score. The player with the shortest time wins! 

Play can be adapted for different age groups or even team play, involving a short obstacle course if you have the skill! You can even play on your own - perfecting your technique to increase your chances of winning next time!

We all had great fun playing this game - the difficult part for me was keeping a steady hand whilst giggling!  I'm sure the children were causing me a considerable disadvantage by pulling funny faces - no tickling allowed though!

In our opinion, this would make a great family Christmas gift - just make sure you have 2 C batteries in your cupboard... we always have loads of AA and AAA stocked up for Christmas but had to pop out and get some C batteries!  Spin Mania retails at around £22.99 and is available at all good toy and game retailers.  For stockists visit or call 01506 855577.

The great guys and gals at Drumond Park have a copy of the game for you to win, so enter the Rafflecopter below and good luck!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway