Thursday, 31 July 2014

31 things to do in August!

Here comes August! We've been waiting for you for sooo long - so don't disappoint and make sure you keep the sunshine with us for a few more weeks!

Here's our list of the 31 things we hope to do during August - some indoors, some outdoors and some necessaries which aren't exactly adventures....
  1. Go on a bike ride - we're spoilt for choice where we live but we probably will embark on a northern cycle up the Wales Coast Path.
  2. Have a kid's bedroom 'sort out'! Refurbish our local charity shop with anything that we have outgrown - toys and clothes!
  3. Paint a picture.
  4. Paddle in the sea.
  5. Buy new school uniforms and shoes.
  6. Plan our Cardiff weekend away (October can't come soon enough!).
  7. Have at least(!) one day where my 2 children don't fall out!
  8. Go for a swim in the sea.
  9. Go for a swim in an indoor pool.
  10. Have a movie marathon.
  11. Make something out of papier mache (my kids love this, whereas I hate it!)
  12. Walk the MawddachTrail.
  13. Following my eldest's eye test (next week), get her kitted out with new glasses.
  14. Visit Bendigedig Indoor Play Centre.
  15. Sort out pre-school haircuts.
  16. Visit the library once a week to join in with the Reading Challenge.
  17. Visit Lake Vyrnwy.
  18. Have a BBQ on the beach.
  19. Make a new dessert with the kids - not cupcakes!
  20. Visit a National Trust property.
  21. Knit something.... probably a scarf!
  22. Cross my fingers and either celebrate or commiserate when my Welsh exam results arrive!
  23. Have a board games evening - some of our favourites include The Logo Board Game and the Deadly 60 Tracker game.
  24. Go to the cinema.
  25. Fly a kite.
  26. Crack the 100-word spelling list my youngest has to learn over the school holidays... we're over half way there 2 weeks in!
  27. Go out for Sunday lunch - a luxury for us to have an afternoon off during the school holidays!
  28. Help my eldest with her fundraising plan to raise money to help pay for a class trip.
  29. Plan the Autumn Term for Brownie meetings.
  30. Make something useful out of loom bands!
  31. And finally, have at least a little fun and smile every day!

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