Friday, 1 August 2014

Kitting your children out for school with Aldi!

Aldi is fast becoming one of the leading supermarkets, but don't forget they also stock a great range of children's clothing including school uniform and shoes. We were approached to road-test some of the Back to School range and so here's our thoughts - from both a kids and parents point of view!

C says that the girl's cardigans are nice to wear with the sleeves not too long nor not too short. Or too tight for that matter! The skirts are long enough to fit nicely but still let you run around the playground. And the shoes are pretty and look nice with tights or socks.

J says that the sweatshirts are nice and don't make him itch! The trousers are the right length (J has quite short legs but the trousers weren't really, really long on him) and adjustable waists so they don't fall down! The polo shirts are nice and comfortable and don't make you too hot when playing with your friends at playtime.

And from a parent's point of view... the clothing seems to wash well and holds it's shape when dried. The test will be how they stand up to the first full term of school paint! The hems are well-stitched and look kid-proof. The shoes are well made and look nice as well as being practical. There's not a huge selection of colours so make sure you check that your local store stocks the colour that you need. The prices are very reasonable and you can also stock up on underwear and socks, at least starting the new school year with all matching socks! As a side point, there's also stationery, lunch boxes and other school essentials available so you could get basically everything under one roof for a bargain price! A stress-free shopping trip sounds perfect! 

So pop down to your local Aldi and have a look at the uniform on offer - I'm sure that you won't be disappointed!