Friday, 4 July 2014

Summer Food Tips

With the summer comes the sun (usually!). Here are ten top tips to help keep your tasty food safe over the summer months.
  1. Use small ice packs in your picnic bag to keep food cool, fresh and hygienic (especially anything that it dairy based).
  2. Add wet ingredients to sandwiches on arrival at your destination to avoid soggy bread.
  3. When picnicking, pack rubbish bags, so you can take your leftovers and packaging away with you.
  4. Don't attempt anything to grand - the most popular food is often the simplest. Quality, fresh ingredients always taste fabulous in the fresh air.
  5. Buy some simple mesh dome-shaped covers to keep insects away from salads and other foods.
  6. Stock up on paper napkins and hand-wash gel, and keep them in the car ready for impromptu picnics.
  7. Simple crudités with dips are great sharing food and work well for summer lunches and suppers at home or on a picnic.
  8. For sweet treats in summer, avoid chocolate, and opt instead for refreshing fruit salads and yoghurts, or finger foods such as flapjacks or shortbread.
  9. Use insulated containers to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.
  10.  Try herbal or mint tea, or iced coffee as a refreshing, thirst-quenching variation.
(These great tips come from The Co-Operative Food)