Sunday, 13 April 2014

Oven proud of your oven!

Hands up who likes cleaning their oven?!?! Be honest....! No, me neither, but it has to be done! Now that spring is well on it's way, we've had a good clear out of old toys, optimistically packed away some of our winter clothes and tidied up the garden. So it's the oven's turn for a spring clean!

Oven Pride is an all-in-one product that cleans your oven racks and oven quickly and simply. It's available in all major supermarkets and online at Amazon.

Here's our oven and oven racks before...

And, here's the finished result!


One satisfied Mum with a clean oven all ready for Easter baking and generally entertaining everyone!

Some good points worth a mention include that this product does not smell of chemicals at all and it does exactly what it says on the packet! One minor gripe is that there's only one pair of gloves in the pack but you really need two pairs to use the product safely - one to start the cleaning process and another to remove the racks and wipe the oven at the end of the process. So, just make sure that you have some rubber gloves to hand! But overall, I would definitely recommend and use this product again!

Scones anyone....?