Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bendi-gedig - THE place to visit in Barmouth!

Barmouth is a lovely place both to live and visit BUT when the sun decides to hide away and the rain comes out to play, there's not much to do with the little ones in your life. I love a coffee and a cake but know only too well that children get bored pretty quickly in a café and there's nothing relaxing about shushing your child every 5 minutes, conscious of what everyone else is thinking of your parenting skills!

So, after a long-ish wait and a great build up, Barmouth finally has a super new attraction - Bendi-gedig! Here's our views, both from a child's eyes and mine!

We spent just over 2 hours playing here - there's two main areas; a toddler section for the under 4's and then the larger play equipment for the over 4's. There's also a games area with a basketball hoop which seemed popular when we were there.

My children enjoyed all of the equipment, especially the slides! My son liked the fact that some of the crawling tubes are clear so that he could see me from *nearly* all of the area... I think he thought I was going to sneak off!

There were quite a lot of children playing but with plenty of space available, there wasn't TOO many children and they all were able to play safely. The pram and wheelchair access was good, with plenty of seating available with tables for the essential coffee and cake for the parents!

The food here was reasonably priced - we didn't eat a meal, just a drink and a snack but I did like the idea of how the children's menu works. Instead of the usual sausage &chips, chicken nuggets & chips or fish fingers & chips, the children can have a smaller portion of nearly anything off the normal menu for a smaller price! This is great for our family as my youngest doesn't like chips! The menu also uses lots of local produce, so that's an extra tick in the box from me!

With the nearest play centre like this about a 90 minute drive away, I'm sure Bendi-gedig will become the leading centre for indoor play on the Cambrian Coast! Entry prices are reasonable.. they could have charged a lot more being quite an exclusive attraction, but with offers such as a family discount card and a loyalty card, these ease the burden on your purse a little making Bendi-gedig somewhere that we will visit often throughout the year.

So, yes we'd recommend this as a great family-friendly attraction in Barmouth and we will be visiting again! My youngest is already planning his party here for his next birthday...

You can check out the Bendi-gedig website here and also why not pop over to their Facebook page and say 'hello'!

*I'll be updating this blog post with photos soon; the ones I have taken have other people's children in them so I can't publish them online! Once I have suitable photos... I'll show you and then you can see how great it is for yourself!