Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wednesday Words: Growing by Tony Mitton

Growing by Tony Mitton

Today I may be small.
But one day you'll be tall,
like me, maybe taller.
You won't fit into your bed.
Your hat won't fit on your head.
Your feet will fill up the floor.
You'll have to bend down to come through the door.
You'll be able to reach to the highest shelf,
(and I can't do that now, myself).
Out in the country the tallest trees
will scratch your ankles and tickle your knees.
Up in the clouds, yes, way up there,
the eagles will nest in your craggy hair.
But they'd better soon find a safer place
because soon you head will be up in space.

So I hope you won't be too proud to bend down
and say hello to your old home-town.
And I hope it won't drive you utterly mad
to visit your tiny Mum and Dad.

Crazy With Twins