Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tefal Fresh Week 2013

From May 13th until May 19th, we've taken the Tefal pledge to "eat fresh", committing to give up processed foods for one week.  One of the aims of Fresh Week is to discover easy ways to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into your family's diet.

Generally as a family, we mostly eat meals cooked from scratch but do eat some processed foods so we're taking this opportunity to make fresh food alternatives to the processed foods that we may usually eat.  It will also be interesting to find out whether cooking from scratch is cheaper and quicker than the "convenience" alternative.

I'll be posting each day what we've eaten and the recipes that we've used so you can keep an eye on me!  Lunches and evening meals will be pretty easy as well as snacks throughout the day, but I think that the biggest challenge will be breakfast time!  We'll have to incorporate a bit of flexibility when it comes to this meal; we won't be eating highly processed cereals but will be allowing cereals such as Shredded Wheat, Weetabix and mueslis!  Eggs (scrambled, boiled, poached and fried!) will all be OK, but I think I'll be sick of eating eggs and toasted homemade bread by the end of the week!

Throughout the week, there'll be lots of social activity via Twitter (use the #freshweek hashtag), Facebook and Pinterest, so join in the conversation and maybe win some great prizes!

You can sign up to the pledge here and join in the fun!

Good luck to anyone else joining in - link your blog in the comments below and we can share tips and boost support if we run out of steam half way through the week!