Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Big Barmouth Knit 2013 in aid of Wales Air Ambulance & the RNLI

The Big Barmouth Knit 2013 in aid of Wales Air Ambulance & the RNLI.  

To raise money for two very valuable resources which are used daily throughout Wales, with your help, we are going to knit an epic, super-length scarf for our friend on the beach, Bermo Moai.

Doesn't he look cold and lonely just stood there.... naked?

So how do we join in?

Grab your knitting needles and crochet hooks and get knitting or crocheting!

Please ensure the knitted or crocheted squares are 6” square (or as close as you can get!) so we can make the scarf as beautiful and seamless as possible!  Any colour and type of yarn is fine!

Then, please send your completed square(s) to:

c/o Crystal House Hotel
19 Marine Parade
LL42 1NA

You can donate just one square if you like, but the more squares the merrier!  The aim is to make a super-long scarf to help keep Bermo Moai warm(er!) than he is!  The grand dressing ceremony will take place on Easter Monday (1st April) 2013 at 2pm... please be assured this is not an April Fool!

All squares must be received at the address above by Monday 18th March 2013 to be included and to enable the final stitching to take place.

Please pop a note in the envelope with your email address on if you wish to receive an email acknowledgement of your contribution.

Great, so how are you raising money for the Wales Air Ambulance and the RNLI?

Once all the squares have been received and stitched together, we will measure the total length of the scarf (to the nearest inch) and  the person who has guessed the correct length will win 1/3 of the total amount raised with the remaining 2/3 being split equally between the Wales Air Ambulance and the RNLI.

Anyone can buy a “guess” at the (laid out not stretched) length of the scarf for £1... more than 1 person can guess the same number of inches – the prize in this case will be split equally between the winners.  There will be a PayPal account available for anyone outside of the area to donate and have a go! 

The competition will go live via the Katie Cupcake Cymru Facebook page once all of the squares have been received and stitched together – we will give you ONE clue as to what the length is... the total weight of the scarf! 

The official measuring will be verified by an independent adjudicator and the winner announced at the dressing ceremony.  In the event of more than one person correctly guessing the total length of the scarf, the winner’s prize fund will be split between the number of correct guessers.

Following the official photographs, the scarf will be donated to a local animal rescue centre to provide snuggly blankets for the animals they care for.

Please share this post to help us raise lots of funds for charities essential for the safety of everyone out there.  Following the recent floods, the RNLI and the Wales Air Ambulance have been involved in many rescue situations - and not just for families living by the sea.

Anyone all over the UK (and worldwide!) can get involved so let's get this on everyone's news feed!  Ready, steady, GO!

EDIT 29th Jan 3pm: 
We've had a suggestion to offer a prize for the winner(s) so that the charities can recieve all of the money raised.  So if anyone can offer a prize to this great cause, it would be gladly welcomed.  Please comment below and and I will be in touch, or alternatively email me at katiebeech71@hotmail.com.  Many thanks x