Monday, 14 January 2013

Little Angel's Cakes UK

Little Angels' Cakes is a new (soon to be registered) charity that provides cakes for terminally ill children and their families in the UK.  They are just starting up using Facebook as a platform to advertise and get their list of certfied bakers together.

So if you can help, please get in touch with the girls over at Little Angels' Cakes who are doing a magnificent but difficult job.  Everyone knows a beautiful cake brings a smile and a beautiful smile can bring a bit of cheer when all's not well.  It's really important to celebrate a birthday, event or milestone to bring some normality to, quite often, a routine of hospital visits and stays.

Order's are processed via the Admin team when a referral is made - the order is then distributed to the relevant nearest baker to receive the ingredients and complete the order.  Hopefully they will be able to donate all of the ingredients and accessories, but for the time being the ingredients may have to be donated by the baker depending on the area.

Little Angels' Cakes will endeavour to give at least four weeks notice except in unforeseen circumstances due to the nature of what they are trying to do, it might be a short notice window.  Because the cakes and smiles are for terminally ill children, Little Angels' Cakes can only accept cake contributions from council registered businesses (proof of registration must be forwarded to the Admin team).

However, this doesn't stop anyone volunteering as they will need help with deliveries, maybe packaging, and spreading the word, and as soon as you do become registered you are more than welcome to join the team of bakers as well.  Donations of anything to do with cake decorating would be greatly appreciated, i.e. cake boards, ribbon, icing - it doesn't have to be a lot, every little bit does help!


They are really close to 1000 likes, so pop over to their Facebook page here and say "hello" and get yourself pinned on the volunteer map, whether you're a registered cake-baker or can help in any other way!

I would never know how I or my family would cope with any serious illness in my children or family, but sadly families are dealing with times like this every day.  A hug or a smile can lighten the darkest of days and a gift of a cake can make things seem "normal" - even if just for a short time.

Also, if you know anyone who would benefit from this service, please get in touch with Little Angels' Cakes Admin team at

Please spread the word and help the little angels of the UK gain a little joy.