Monday, 27 August 2012

"Style Me Up" Jewellery & Fashion Designer Craft Set Review

Sometimes it feels like my 8 year old is going on 18!  But other times, she's still my baby and doesn't want to grow up!  One thing that has changed with how she plays is that she loves (and I mean LOVES!) drawing designs of clothes and "things she wants to make when shes older"!

We were sent 2 craft design sets from Wooky Entertainment.  The Style Me Up Designer Sketchbook is a flip pad full of blank outlines of girls complete with stencils of various items of clothing (from shorts and skirts to sunglasses and bandanas and everything in between!).  There are pattern ideas and colour schemes and themes at the front of the pad and stickers to further adorn your daughter's masterpiece.

My daughter was very impressed with the set and has designed outfits for all of our future outings (including a family wedding... maybe!)... we may need a trip to the fabric wholesaler and dust off my sewing machine as she's itching for these creations to come to life!

There are different themes to each sketchbook available - Pink & Black, Rock Star, Summer Crush, Graphic Tees, to name a few.  Have a look at the website here where you can create a profile and make further designs online.  Or pop over to their Facebook page here, say hello and keep up with the latest products and future fashion designers!

The other craft design set that we received was a Button Weave Jewellery set... an array of buttons, diamante stickers and cords with a set of earring findings.  So now I have my very own CP-styled earrings for the upcoming wedding!

The fastening and threading was a little bit fiddly for my daughter  but she is at the lower end of the age range that these products are aimed at (aged 8+).  There are plenty of buttons and cord in the set to make a pair of earrings and a necklace with some left over - there's nothing worse than running out of something which has kept your child entertained for ages.. and they "have" to finish it!

Products from the Style Me Up range can be purchased from John Lewis and other retailers; with prices starting at just £4.99 you can be assured that a quailty craft kit and at a very reasonable price will keep your tweens entertained for hours!

Fashion designer in the making.....?  If she's happy, then I'm happy!  x