Monday, 6 August 2012

Carrot Cake Disaster!

I love carrot cake (without raisins/sultanas!) and when my youngest decided that we needed to use up some carrots using the "whizzy machine" - read food processor! - I looked for a quick and easy recipe on the Internet.  I usually make carrot cake baked in a loaf tin and top with sweet cream cheese or similar but I came across a different method cooked in the microwave for a really quick and easy carrot cake.  From ingredients to cake in 10 minutes flat, yes please!

The recipe is here as found on the BBC Food website - now, I am not criticising the recipe or website in any way as I often use BBC Food for recipes ideas and inspiration... but let me tell you, my "cake" was nothing to boast about!  I knew it would never be a "pretty" cake for decorating and I knew it would be similar to a steamed sponge because of how it was cooked but I'll let you judge for yourselves....

The transferring from deep microwave dish to serving plate was my stumbling block I think(!), on the plus side, it tasted lovely and when partially hidden/covered with custard... job well done!  So it just shows you, following a recipe to the dot can still result in unexpected results!  I blame my microwave... well, I have to blame something!  Back to the longer but more reliable method of ovens and loaf tins for me!

Following this unsuccessful "bake", we went on to make apple pie as well and I'm pleased to say this looked much more appetising and went down a treat.  I still have some carrots and apples left so it will be apple crumble and "proper" carrot cake on tomorrow's schedule!

Now it's your turn to own up, have you had any kitchen disasters you'd like to share with us?  You can remain anonymous....!