Sunday, 23 March 2014

A box full of fun! Weekend Box Club Review

The Weekend Box Club is a company who provides letter-box sized activity boxes delivered fortnightly to your door packed full of activities to last you over the weekend. Now, we always hope for lovely, dry weekends filled with sunshine and long walks on the beach... but that isn't a guarantee in the UK! These activities are ideal to give you new ideas and how to be a good 'finder-outer' when it comes to child-friendly science tasks. The boxes are aimed at ages 4-6 years and contain 4 different activities; something to cook, something to make, something to explore and something green.
We were lucky enough to receive a Weekend Box to review - so here's what we thought!
The content looks great, with clearly colour coded activity packs and instruction sheets along with almost everything that you need for each activity. The handy sticker sheet helps you to see which activities you have completed - all kids love stickers, right? The larger poster also helps you to track how many boxes you have received and completed, with a free gift in store when you have completed 6 packs.
Pot O' Gold
My son loved making this little game and enjoyed playing it with his older sister. After getting the hang of the force required to flick the coins and a few coin-chasing and coin-ducking moments, he soon became an expert!

Rocking Spring Bird
Craft activities are always a winner in many homes and this one was no exception. Everything you need is contained within the pack (except for scissors and a plate to draw around!) - even the glue stick was included! The kept my son happy and he was able to complete the full activity alone, with just a bit of supervision with the scissors! He's decided to make more of these birds to place on the table over Easter as place-markers for our family Easter dinner.
Green Pancakes
My son loves to cook - not just cakes and biscuits, but savoury foods as well. He was really looking forward to making these pancakes. The spice mixes are included in the pack and the rest of the ingredients are basic store cupboard items so most households would have them in anyway.

He wanted to make the recipe himself, so with just me to overlook what he was doing, off he went. He collected the ingredients and read (with a little help) what to do. Now, I can cook and can definitely follow any recipe I am given, but this recipe for green pancakes just did not work for us. There was no mention of chopping the spinach (which we ended up doing as there was no way that it was going to work otherwise!) and the finished mixture was definitely not something that you could ladle into a pan and fry like a pancake. We did persevere and cooked a little in the pan; the taste was nice but was more like fried spinach leaves than a pancake!
We then tried to analyse what we *thought* was wrong, so we added some milk as non-green/normal pancakes use milk... this resulted in a slightly better pancake but I'm sure something was still wrong! So overall, we were disappointed with the recipe but enjoyed the kitchen experiments we ended up doing instead!
Sound Explorers
This activity sheet taught us how sounds travel and helped us to use our other senses (touch and sight) to hear sounds. The link to the YouTube video for the alien-voice maker was definitely a hit and we had an afternoon of funny voices all round! Everything was included in the kit and the fun lasted longer than I'd have expected from straws and a balloon!
Overall, the Weekend Box Club is a great idea and great fun - just on this occasion we didn't seem to make a good go of the recipe activity. I'd still recommend the box to other families, so why not give it a try? Using this unique promo code (KATIE94) you can try your first box free - redeem here.
You can see what other families have been getting up to on their Facebook page here or via Twitter here. Pop over and give them a 'like' - they really are lovely people!