Saturday, 27 July 2013

Popband Review

Let me intoduce to you the great hair styling accessory that is Popband!  Unlike most (if not all) hair ties, they promise not to crinkle, crease or otherwise create a bump in your hair whilst wearing them, so you can sweep your hair up out of the way and then when your hair is released, it's still super straight!

Too good to be true? Well, I tried these on a journey to London via train.... warm weather, crowded train, 2 changes to contend with and on arrival, the promise of a nice meal out with my sister so my barnet *must* be perfect and presentable!

So off we went, hair duly straightened and tied back with said popband.  Five and a half hours later, on arrival at London Euston, I removed the popband, quick brush of the hair and voila, I was ready for the evening ahead!  To be perfectly honest, there was a very slight 'bump' where the band was but after about 10 mins, this dropped out to nothing noticable!

And to add to the beauty of the popband, I then wore it around my wrist for a bit of glitz to finish off my outfit.  They are pretty enough to wear as an accessoryand come in a huge range of colours and styles.  Have a look at their Facebook page here and see what you think!  They often have flash sales and discount codes available, but they are cheap enough anyway!  They most definitely aren't going to snap or fray and leave you in the lurch when you really *do* need you hair tied back.

With the addition of head bands and poplaces to the range, there's definitely something for everyone's style and situation!