Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tots 100 Family Photograph Competition

Tots 100 is a mecca of information for bloggers and competitions. At the moment, they are running a competition to win a fantastic Panasonic bridge camera from PrinterPix

If you are a blogger member of Tots 100 and would like to enter the competition, you can find full details here.  Here is my entry for the Children Aged 5+ category.

I love this photo as my daughter often shys away from the camera but on this occasion, she was captured with her natural smile.  Through all the tantrums and stamping feet, I always think back to this photo whilst counting to 10!

Living by the sea we don't often get snow that actually sticks!  We have been "snowed in" before but in a different way than normal.  We can move around our small town quite easily but as a "one road in, one road out" town, when the snow is bad, nobody can get into the town and nobody can get out!

So this level of snow was quite unusual and definitely put a smile on my daughter's face!

This post is Katie's entry into the Printerpix Photo competition.